The Aliens have landed in Year 4!!!

Last week, the school’s CCTV showed a UFO arriving and an alien walking around the school grounds. They visited Year 4’s classroom, caused a lot of mess with footprints, slime and all the furniture was upside down!  There was chaos in other classes, as word spread about our visitors!  They left a letter, certificates and a mission booklet for each child. 

The children had to complete a series of missions all about ‘Electricity’.  They had to work in teams, assign job roles and demonstrate ‘Enterprise’ abilities, as well as learn all about science and use their English writing skills.

One mission required them to build and test different circuits using various pieces of scientific equipment.  They spent time investigating and researching the differences between conductors and insulators, whilst making lots of predictions.  

The aliens also wanted posters showing the dangers of ‘Electricity’, so they could display them back home. 

Finally, the last mission involved the children building them a ‘Buzzwire’ game along with a detailed set of instructions on how they could make one back on Plant Zanpyt.  This proved to be lots of fun, but very noisy!!

Overall a fabulous day was had by all and the children learnt lots of new things.

The question they all asked at the end of the day, ‘Will they be back tomorrow?’ Who knows!!  


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