Year 5 2019 - 2020

Mrs Grills

Summer Term 2019


 This term's topic is, ‘Amazon Adventure’ and ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’



Our theme until half term is ‘Amazon Adventure’ and in the second half term ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ in which we will be learning about rainforests, focussing in particular on the Amazon in Brazil. 



This will be followed by studying Greek myths and the heroes they describe. Computing, Art, Design Technology, History and English will be taught in relation to the half-termly topic.  Maths, Science and RE are taught discretely from individual schemes based on the National Curriculum. 



Juniors take part in weekly singing practise.




Watch out for…

This term’s DT project- Creating Greek Plates




 Spring Term 2019

A very happy New Year to you all


It was great to see all of the children back in the new year, all ready to learn new things!

This term,the children will learn about healthy living and good choices through a specialist teacher, Mr. Schofield as well as benefiting from Mr. Woodfield, the youth worker from Hesketh Bank Christian Centre, who will help them to understand more about the Bible and it’s impact on our lives today.  Mr. Taylor will also provide specialist activities around outdoor problem solving, such as Dengineers.  Bikeability will also take place during this term to enable the children to ride their bikes safely.



We will also be going to the Museum of Science and Industry, in Manchester, to learn about a wide variety of machines and inventions.  



This is all in addition to our topic work, our theme until half term is ‘Earthlings’ and in the second half term ‘Inventors and Inventions’ in which we will be learning about space and our place in it, followed by how inventions over time have contributed to our lives today. Computing, Art, Design Technology, History and English will be taught in relation to the half-termly topic.  Maths, Science and RE are taught discretely from individual schemes based on the National Curriculum. Juniors take part in weekly singing practise. Spellings will continue to be on a Tuesday and homework will be given out every Friday.



This term’s WOW event will be‘Creating Automatons’. Watch out for more information on this.




Year 5- Autumn Term

Autumn term is always a busy time and this year in Year 5 is no exception. Our first topic is ‘A Kingdom United’ we will be investigating the countries which make up the United Kingdom. As part of this topic we will also be making discoveries about the Anglo Saxons. We have lots of fantastic hands on experiences planned, which will really bring the past to life. We will reading ‘Outlaw’ by Michael Morpurgo and ‘A Place Called Perfect’ by Helena Duggan. In English we will be writing our own legend which explains the origins of Stone Henge- look out for giants! Maths covers lots of skills and we will be diving into problem solving and reasoning.

After half term our topic changes to ‘Food, Glorious Food!’ We will be journeying round the globe, exploring a variety of foods from different countries and exploring how climate, landscape and weather affect the types of food produced.

In English, we are writing stories based in history and will be reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis, to support our writing. Step through the wardrobe, into a land where it is always winter, but never Christmas!

Talking of snow, our Science topic is changing states of materials. We will be investigating reversible and irreversible change and how the three states of matter evaporate, dissolve or mix.


Summer Term



It is good to see Year 5 returning happily after the break.

Much of our curriculum work will be taught creatively through our  topic 'Amazing Amazon'.  Our texts will be ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and ‘The Shaman’s Apprentice’ by Lynne Cherry and we will also study Greek myths.



Spring Term

Welcome back to the Spring term in Year 5.  We are really pleased with all the wonderful effort that the children are putting into their learning and look forward to enjoying the next two terms together.

Our themes this term are ‘Earthlings’ and ‘Inventors and Inventions’.  In English we will learn about how to write a range of both fiction and non-fiction texts and write poetry based on our themes.   We will also continue to learn more about grammar, punctuation and spelling each week.  In Maths we will continue to work on skills in number, shape and measures, data handling, problem solving and calculations.  In Science we will learn about light and astronomy and the effects of forces on movement. Other curriculum subjects will also be taught using these two themes.  


  • Bug Club has been launched and the children are enjoying the exciting new online reading materials.  Please encourage your child to use this resource daily.  The paper reading scheme also continues alongside this new reading scheme. 
  • Spelling and dictation will continue every Friday.
  • English Homework is set regularly and is always due on Fridays. 


  • Mymaths continues to be used for homework to back up and reinforce teaching taking place in school.  It is set on Fridays.

As always, please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any queries or worries.


Autumn Term 2017

Our theme until half term is ‘A Kingdom United’ in which we will be learning about the United Kingdom- the history of how and why people settled here and what makes up our country in terms of people and place. ICT, Art, Design Technology and Literacy will also be taught in relation to the half-termly topic.

In Maths we will be looking at different topics, covering all aspects of Maths.  Weekly Mymaths homework will be set every Friday including times tables.  It is really important that the children continue to learn their times tables to 12x12.

In English, we will look at the reading and writing of various genres and these will be linked to our half term topic.  Homework will be given out and collected on Friday to support classroom learning. Spellings will be given out on a Friday and the children will be tested on the following Friday.

In Science, our first topic is ‘Materials- properties and reversible and irreversible changes.’  In RE we will learn about the Bible and PE will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday.




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