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Year 5 2021 - 2022

Mrs Woods

(image, Google 2022)

Summer 2

Year 5 are going to go back in time to 2000 BC where they will discover the life and times of the Ancient Greeks.  They will explore the cultural, economic, political, religious and social history of Greece in History.  In English, the children will read a selection of Greek Myths including Pandora’s Box, and Arion and the dolphin.  They will study the themes and features of Greek Myths.  In Poetry, they will read a selection of poems that have figurative language such as similes, metaphors and personification.  The Ancient Greek topic will continue in Art, where the children will examine vases designed by a variety of artists and craftspeople, before using the designs as inspiration for their own Ancient Greek vase designs.


In Maths, the children will be learning about angles, and how to use a protractor to measure angles accurately.  They will learn to read coordinates, draw translations and recognise line of symmetry.  During the Measurement unit, they will convert units of measure involving length, mass, capacity and time.  The Daily Basic Skills will continue to practise and learn the fundamental skills needed to progress in Maths.  Our R.E topic of ‘Loss, death and Christian hope’,  will give the children the opportunity to ask questions and discuss feelings about loss, death and heaven.  They will develop their understanding  of Christian hope and the promise of eternal life and compare these beliefs with the Muslim and Hindu beliefs on afterlife.  In Science, the children will learn about the stages of growth and development in humans from birth to old age.

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