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Year 6 2021 - 2022

Mrs Barry

Autumn Term  2021

Welcome back. It is a pleasure to be able to teach your child this year, in their final year at All Saints. We will be doing all we can to ensure that we make this, their best year yet! We are hoping for a much more settled year in school including the return of some of the privileges and responsibilities Year 6 children usually experience in their final year. The playground dividers are gone! Year 6 are sitting on benches in assemblies in the school hall and have already been busy writing applications for ‘prefect status’ to Mrs. Ward. I have a feeling this is going to be an incredible year!

The theme for our first half term is ‘Survival’. Year 6 will be studying the features of adventure stories and reading extracts from the novels ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Daniel Defoe and ‘Mission Survival: Gold of the Gods’ by Bear Grylls. Children will then plan and write a survival adventure narrative of their own. They will also read a selection of biographies, including those of inspirational athletes from the Great British Paralympic Team, before writing biographies about an inspirational person of their choice. In Science, the children will be learning more about survival in our evolution and inheritance topic – including a fun ‘bird-beak’ experiment using sweets!

During our R.E topic, we will think about the idea that life is a journey and what it means to make that journey as a Christian. Our Geography topic is South America and will be taught by Miss. Tickle – our History and Geography subject leader. In Art, we will be improving our mastery of art and design techniques and this year’s Computing lessons will begin with Coding and Online Safety. More details about all the subjects your child will enjoy this term can be found on our Parent Partnership letter below.

Exciting news - the children will also be celebrating All Saints School reaching the incredible milestone of being 150 years old with a week’s worth of creative, celebratory and commemorative events – watch this space!



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