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Year 2 2021 - 2022

Miss Gore


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Spring 1 2022

Happy New Year everyone!


Our topic theme this half term is ‘Fire! Fire!, where the children will be working towards writing their own story as theme. They will be immersed in the focus text ‘Katie in London’ and follow her through the city of London, exploring the key landmarks. This is linked to our history learning on the Geat Fire of London, as well as our Geography learning on the City of London. The children will write an Innovated story, focused on the historical features from the Great Fire of London. Towards the latter part of the half term, the children will be introduced to a range of poems on a theme, again linked to Fire! Fire!


The children’s science learning on materials links nicely with our history topic, as the children will be exploring the importance of materials used for certain objects e.g. why slate is better suited for roofing than thatch and why brick is better suited than wood for building houses. They will focus on the properties of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, glass and fabric, and deepen their knowledge on the use of everyday materials.


For any further information about this half term’s timetable or topics, please consult our Curriculum Overview on our Year 2 page.  


I can’t wait to start teaching our exciting topics this half term! 





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