Year 2 2017 - 2018

Mrs Woods


Autumn Term 2017

The children have made an excellent start to Year 2, settling in well and adapting to a new classroom.  We have started our topic 'The place where we live' by reading a selection of Katie Morag stories. The children will also explore non-fiction and poetry all related to our topic.  Non-fiction work will include explanations on houses and where we live and instructions.  In poetry, the children will read a variety of poems about homes and other familiar settings then write their own based on the models studied.  We will look at the Living things in our local area (Science) and the human and physical features of Hesketh Bank including lots of map work (Geography). In Computing, the children will learn to create pictures and use the internet safely.  We will study the work of a local artist and use our surroundings to develop techniques in line, shape, colour, texture, form and pattern.  In R.E, the children will look at the Bible and the books and stories within it. Our music topic is 'I wanna play in a band'.  The children will follow an integrated  approach to music where games, elements of music, singing and playing instruments are all linked.

Second half term

Our topic for the second half term is 'Fighting fit'.  We will investigate the importance of good health and nutrition for animals including humans (Science).  The children will study the life of Florence Nightingale and how her work changed nursing and hospitals across the world (History).  In English, we will read a selection of traditional tales and traditional tales with a twist.  We will also learn to write instructions.  In Computing, the children will learn how to present ideas such as a fact file or an e-book.  The children will take part in a DT week where they will design, make and evaluate a model.  Our R.E topic this term is 'Angels' where the children will learn about good news and news bringers. The children will develop their musical skills under the topic 'Little angel gets her wings'.  The children will all take part in our fantastic nativity play.

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