School Council

All Saints School Council is a proactive group of children elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and think about new ideas to make sure our school stays happy, safe and exciting. The school council takes forward projects on behalf of the children from all classes, and is involved in planning and things like the School Development Plan, governing body meetings and interviewing staff.


To be effective, our school council does the following:

  • Represents all pupils and includes as many people as possible
  • Takes time to listen to all children and communicate their views
  • Feeds back to children about what happened about their views
  • Makes things happen – or explains why they can’t!


Our School Council consists of 8 members. 2 from Y3, 2 from Y4, 2 from Y5 and 2 from Y6. The council meets every other week to review actions and plan ahead.


In 2017 - 2018 the School Council were successful in:

  • Selecting and purchasing new equipment for the playground
  • Raising money for Cancer Research UK
  • Researching school lunches in other schools to develop a pre-ordering system at All Saints.


In 2018 - 2019, the School Council are undertaking the following projects:

  • Organising a 'Headteacher for the Day' campaign;
  • Launching 'Big Friend's Little Friends' - an initiative which will give Y6 children the responsibility to mentor the new Reception children;
  • Visit the Houses of Parliament in London to learn more about UK democracy and the role of government;
  • Raising money to buy fixed play equipment on the large playground.   

What's Going on at our School