Harry's Survival Story

Harry, in Year 6 has written this amazing story. We thought it was definitely news worthy!!


Harry’s Survival Story


Soaring through the sky, Benjamin and his mum and dad excitedly flew in the plane they rented. They were going to the ruins of Jurassic Park to study the wild animals roaming in the jungle. But disaster struck, the plane was struck by a huge strip of lightening sending it down.

“Mum, Dad! Where are you?” He heard a terrifying roar in the dense jungle. The humid weather made him sweat. He was wondering why he ran into a concrete wall, he looked up, it was the gates of the park but they were crumbling and covered in thick vines. Then he saw it, it was his dad. He ran towards him, his dad was crying with his dead wife at his feet.

“Dad, what happened?” he shouted.

“Raptors got her!” She had a huge hole in her chest where the claws had gone in. There was the roar again. It seemed to be getting closer. Huge footsteps were getting closer. Then bam! A huge T Rex came out behind his dad and swallowed him! The T Rex chased Benjamin down and almost killed him but he managed to lose it by hiding in a building.

He started to make a shelter with a working water collector. The sun was setting and the sky was orange. A little troodon (a small dinosaur) came into Benjamin’s shelter. He managed to befriend it. He called it Eye-eye (because it had huge eyes). Eye-eye helped Benjamin find food. Benjamin gave it mouse meat in return.

A huge herd of brachiosauruses roamed across the plains, towering overhead. The brachiosauruses were making lots of noise so Benjamin went back to investigate. They were gargantuan, towering overhead, feasting on trees. The warm breeze was a break from the humid jungle, then the volcano was rumbling immensely over the island. He knew he had to get off and quick. He was hungry. He needed food desperately, night was falling in.

Three hours later, the sky was dark. He heard rustling in the bushes…then…boom! “Oh Eye-eye it’s just you,” he said nervously. Eye-eye was covered in feathers and very soft. Eye-eye cuddled up next to him.

The next day, he was learning how to make weapons with dinosaur teeth, sticks and bones. It was a hard life, it had been two months since his plane crashed, and it felt like yesterday. Then the roar was back. He had crafted a bone-carved bow and arrow and a dagger made from a T Rex’s tooth. He was ready to fight.

Suddenly, a pack of raptors came out of the bushes! Benjamin pulled out his dagger and started stabbing the raptors one by one. After three raptors were dead, the rest ran. He had survived the ordeal but with a huge dash of a claw mark on his back. He was bleeding badly. He had to get help, he thought he was a goner. Benjamin passed out. He woke up to Eye-eye at his face licking him. He was OK. Benjamin was better, but not fully.

He went back to his house in the jungle, it was humid and steamy. Then the volcano erupted, the air was hot, the forest was burning. The fire blasted, the air was smoking, the lava intensely closed in on him. He ran for the sea. There was a huge cliff leading to the sea. The lava was getting closer. There was only one thing to do…jump!

As he plummeted at great speed the lava followed him. He passed out. He woke up in what was once Islahubler. But now it was a charred wasteland with the charred bones of the great beasts. Nothing was left. Everything was dead...Then Eye-eye came out of the skull of a dead T Rex. He could see the remnants of the jungle. Then a helicopter was overhead. He hid Eye-eye in his back pack. Then…he was on his way home.

When he got back, Eye-eye became his pet officially and he lived with his grandparents. He grew up to be a legend at survival and became a zoo keeper with Eye-eye at his side all the way through.





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