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What Our Staff Say

We often collect and share feedback from parents and children, this can be found in the 'ABOUT US' section. Now it’s the turn of the staff. Not only do we have a very talented staff team, but an incredibly happy one too!


Here are a few quotes from staff saying what it’s like working at All Saints.


'I've been a member of staff at All Saints for 15 years and have watched the school grow and develop over this time. Every day in this school is a privilage. My own children now attend and love it. I'm proud to be a member of All Saints' Mrs Roebuck, School Administrator


'15 years in a school full of amazing, supportive and enthusiastic friends, and of course wonderful children' Mrs Watt, Teaching Assistant


'All the staff at All Saints are not only my work colleagues but my friends as well. We are a very happy family' Mrs Odgers, Teaching Assistant


‘Having been at All Saints now for about 15 years, one of the things that has always remained the same is the friendships and bonds between staff. This is, I feel one of the reasons that the school has such a friendly, warm atmosphere which goes to makes a wonderful environment for the children to be educated in’  Mrs Smith, Teaching Assistant


‘We're more than a team. We're a family. I truly believe that’ Mrs Lilley, School Administrator


‘Working at All Saints is a privilege and a joy. As I entered the building for the very first time, I felt the wonderful Christian atmosphere everywhere I went. The school is like a big family. The staff are super talented and their dedication to the children is amazing. The children are great – so polite, so caring, so conscientious. Working with the children and staff is so rewarding. Wherever you go in school, there is a buzz … you hear joyful laughter! All Saints is a great place to be.’ Mr Currie, Headteacher


'I have worked at All Saints for almost 17 years. I can honestly say that I enjoy coming to work every day! The atmosphere and the friendly staff and the children make it a pleasure’ Mrs Loynton, HLTA


‘It's very rewarding working in a small, village school with a strong Christian ethos. Our children are well mannered, respectful and hard working which makes every day a pleasure’ Mrs Woods, Year 2 Teacher


‘This is my 9th year of being a teacher. I really enjoy computing, music and going on very long walks! I have been working at All Saints for a year now and I am really enjoying it. The staff and governors are wonderful and truly care about the future of our school. However, what makes it undeniably special is the children. Their attitude and enthusiasm is wonderful. It’s so rewarding working with children who embrace challenges, love to have fun and try to make it each day count’ Mr Dixon, Year 5 Teacher


‘All Saints is a family.  I have worked in lots of schools and the support, care and camaraderie here is unique. We are very lucky’ Mrs English, Former Year 1 Teacher


‘There are so many good things to say. I just consider myself very lucky to be working in such a lovely little primary school with such a great community spirit’ Mrs Wrigley, Teaching Assistant


‘The staff are like a second family, we support and look after each other. We are a great team!’ Mrs Wright, Reception Teacher


‘I feel proud and incredibly lucky to be part of such a supportive, dedicated team. We work hard but have fun along the way. This is a truly happy school!’ Mrs Barry, Year 4 Teacher


‘I'm now in my 21st year at All Saints School.  I have had the privilege to work with the most dedicated, fun and caring team you could hope for.  I've watched the school grow, develop and evolve into the amazing place that it is today.  So many visitors remark on the positive atmosphere in school, from the friendly frontline office staff to the approachable teachers and teaching assistants, from the dedicated cleaning staff to our cheery welfare ladies.  And of course our headteacher, who holds everything together with his strong and effective leadership and child-centred approach to education.  What a great team!’ Mrs Scott, Deputy Headteacher and Year 3 Teacher


‘Started out as a volunteer reader (for 5 years) when my son was 6; he’s 28 this year!’ Mrs Mawdsley, HLTA


‘I love it at All Saints. You look around the school and see the children having fun and the adults too! We as staff, are a good team and also great friends. For me, I think this reflects on to the children’ Mrs Boddy, Teaching Assistant


‘I have worked at All Saints for 9 years and I love teaching here! The ethos of the school means that every child is valued and celebrated for the unique giftings and skills that they have which makes it a happy place to work. As SENCo I am also really proud of how our children with special needs are an integral part of our school- from being on the school council to having key roles in plays’ Mrs Doddridge, Former SENCo and Year 6 Teacher