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Hovstaskolan, Örebro, Sweden

We have a well established link with Hovstaskolan in Örebro, Sweden. Our Year 5 and 6 children travel to Hovsta biannually and the year 6 and 7 children from Hovsta also visit our school biannually. As a result, the children now have international friendships. The curriculum in both schools is closely linked so that when we are learning about a certain topic, we also incorporate elements of the other country’s customs, lifestyles, resources and beliefs to further deepen our understanding and appreciation of other cultures and lifestyles. As a result, children gain a deeper understanding of what a richly diverse and wonderful world we live in. This invaluable international learning is empowering children to embrace diversity, broaden their horizons and challenge stereotypical thinking.  And of course, the trips to Sweden are really great fun!

Key Information about our partners - Hovstaskolan

Hovstaskolan, which is one of Örebro Municipality's largest F-6 schools, is located about 10 km north of Örebro. The school has about 500 pupils and 60 staff, and the school is located on the outskirts of a residential community with proximity to the beautiful forested areas. The school was built in 1976 and this year it celebrated the 40th anniversary.

The school is working to have a school and leisure-time high achievement, where all the students, parents and staff are happy and feel safe. The educators are clear leaders who inspire and motivate students' curiosity to want to learn more. They have knowledge of the mission and the students' individual needs in focus. Together they create a school to be proud of! Assessment for learning permeates thier business.

Outdoor Education

Since the school's proximity to the forest gives them fantastic opportunities, they run a lot of their teaching outdoors.

A number of the school's teachers have been trained in outdoor education and / or outdoor mathematics. Therefore, they use nature as their study materials.

Assessment for Learning

At the Royal School, staff work with assessment for learning and it shows in their teaching.  Students know the goals they are working to, and their progress towards the targets. Students practice to assess and take responsibility for their own learning and use each other as resources. By providing clear evidence / proof of students' knowledge, the teacher can provide formative feedback and adapt teaching to pupils' needs.


The Royal School school management consists of two principals supported by the school's management team. They are responsible for the development, strategy and coordination. The school is divided into 5 teams. Work teams, comprised of teachers, preschool teachers and recreation leaders. Work teams headed by a team leader.

School Restaurant

The Royal School cooks the food in their own kitchen and attaches great importance to cook food from scratch with a high proportion of organic ingredients and avoiding additives. They want to contribute to sustainable development, a good climate and a good future for the children. The restaurant strives to follow NFA's advice on good food in preschools and schools, so that children and students served nutritious meals.


Below you will find a presentation all about Örebro and Hovstaskolan as well as some photos of when our friends came to visit us in June 2016.


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