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Year 4 Knowsley Safari Trip

Year four had a fantastic trip to Knowsley Safari Park were they got to learn all about the different animals, their natural habitats, behaviour patterns and feeding requirements.  We walked around the wildlife woods and followed the footprints and observed the wolves in action.  We then went through the drive safari and the tour guide introduced each of the animals we came across; even telling us their names!  The favourites were the cheeky Emu’s and the Rhinos.  Straight after our safari, we got to watch the Birds of Prey show and met owls, vultures and a variety of other birds. 

The Sea lion show was next and they were trained to perform different tricks.  We learnt about the difference between Seals and Sea lions; as many people get confused about them.  After that we saw the Meer cats, Giraffes and finally had a ‘Terrific Tigers workshop’.