Year 6 2019 - 2020

Mrs Barry

Summer Term 2019



This term’s topic is ‘Beside the Seaside’. The learning within this theme focuses on holidays and leisure. Children will be involved in making comparisons and analysing trends between different periods, focusing primarily on the period from the Victorian era to the present day. They will be answering the question: how have holidays changed since the Victorian era?



On Thursday afternoons, year 6 will be doing gymnastics with our PE specialists. We are also running the mile as much as possible. Following SATs, we will be timetabling some well-deserved extra PE sessions too.



All children have now been given their parts for Mary Poppins. The auditions were of a very high standard and we are so proud of them all. Please support them in learning any words and songs for their chosen part. Children will be requested to attend drama and dance sessions after school on Tuesdays and during lunch times.



Spring Term 2019


Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break with your children. Thank you so much for the kind gifts and cards received by the year 6 staff.



Your children worked so hard last term and have already come back with a fantastic attitude. I am sure we will have a superb spring term together.

The children will be becoming ‘Health Heroes’ in Science. They will be learning all about: how our diet affects our health; the function of the heart, lungs and circulatory system; the effects of exercise on the heart and how muscles work; the effect of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs on our bodies; and evaluating what we can do to keep our bodies healthy.



In English we will look at non-fiction text types and creating a hybrid text  (an information text comtaining a  mixture of non-fiction text types) about our personal heroes.



Children will continue to look at different Maths topics but it will now be heavily based around revision. 


This half term, Year 6 will be learning about social networking sites and the age restrictions for these. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all have age limits of 13+ so children should not be accessing these. Children will be asked to discuss the key rules for staying safe when using social networking sites with their grown-ups at home.




Autumn Term 2018



This term’s topic in year 6 is ‘Survival.’ We will be writing our own survival/adventure stories in English and in Science we are learning about how plants and animals have adapted/evolved in order to survive in different environments. We will be working hard to improve many areas of maths, particularly the speed of our mental calculations. In PE we are learning to play netball with Mrs Barry and cricket with an ex-international cricketer!



Summer Term


Wow, Summer Term already! Our last term together has arrived and although SATs are imminent, there are exciting things happening, enabling you to make memories that will last a life- we are very excited to be a part of that. A massive good luck to all of you in your exams, we are super proud of you all. Our topic for the following Term, as summer approaches, will be ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’. This will include links to Geography where we will explore the physical and human aspects of Blackpool alongside the history of the seaside resort. We have a fun term ahead which is well deserved!


Spring Term



Welcome back to year 6! Happy 2018-we hope you had a fabulous break. This term we start our SATs revision in earnest. There will be extra booster sessions and after school groups-all designed to help the children sail through the tests. The parent partnership letter that your child will receive goes into more detail but if you have any questions, please come and see a member of the year 6 team. There will still be art, P.E, R.E and topic work, so plenty of fun will still be available-WORK HARD-PLAY HARD is our motto! Don’t forget Min Y Don too-the highlight of the year!


We are so very excited to spend the last year of primary school with you. We are already enjoying teaching you and are looking forward to the rest of a very fast-moving year. Hopefully you all had a great summer break; you have certainly come back with a wonderful attitude. Please keep your eyes open for different high schools’ open evenings-they start from September and they are ALL worth a visit so that you are happy with your choices when the application time comes.

Our topic is SURVIVAL-one of my favourites. We cover most subjects through this including: English, Geography,Science,Art and D.T.

Our specialist P.E teacher will be teaching us on Thursdays-the area being cricket. I will also be teaching P.E on a Monday, so you should always have your kit in.

R.E looks at ‘Life as a journey’ and it will allow us to think about our lives so far and maybe where we would like our journey to go.

If you have any questions about year 6, please ask Miss Barber or Mrs Mawdsley; they will always be happy to help. Here’s to a great year!

Miss Barber and Mrs Mawdsley





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