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Nursery 2019 - 2020

Miss Pickering


Nursery checklist:

  • Named wellies – to be kept in school
  • Pump bag with a full set of named spare clothes (including underwear and socks)
  • Toast money – 20p per day (payable daily or weekly in a named purse)
  • Warm waterproof coat – we will go outside in the wind, rain and cold weather!!
  • New guidance requires school to obtain copies of birth certificates for each child in Nursery.  Can we ask you to please take your child’s birth certificate to the school office where staff will make a copy of it to keep in your child’s file
  • Please ensure all forms are completed and returned to school


We have had great fun outside this week.
























For Respect and Tolerance day we made collage fish with prayers on the back “Lord Jesus, thank you for all the things we can do… painting pictures, singing, dancing, playing nicely with our friends and helping others. Please help us to do all the things for you.






















We then had great fun making and tasting tuna sandwiches after listening to the story about Jesus feeding the 5000.





The children have enjoyed reading the story ‘Leaf Man’ and using their collected autumn items to make their very own leaf man and other animals!

PD – 30-50 months

BI – 30-50 months



We have also been learning all about Harvest. We talked about how the crops are harvested and what happens to them once they are ready. The children enjoyed role playing as farmers, collecting the fruits and vegetables and getting them ready to be sold in our shop!




















This is Me




The children very much enjoyed looking in the mirror then carefully choosing their resources in order to recreate their face. As the children created their face they commentated on the feature they were wanting to represent.

“Look that’s long hair!”

“I have two eyes”



“I have a big smiley face”

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Self-confidence & Self-Awareness 30-50M

Communication & Lang – Listening & Attention, Understanding 30-50M

Maths – 30-50M


Autumn Term



What a lovely start to our new term this week. It has been great to see some new smiley faces. We have been so busy this week getting to know each other and making new friends. You are all fabulous additions to our Nursery.
























We have had a super week this week, the weather has been beautiful and we have been outside enjoying it. We have been checking the progress of the strawberries. When we were inside, we made ice creams.



















This week our focus story has been ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We introduced the story using many props to illustrate and to encourage children to engage and retell the story. The children agreed that Rainbow Fish was selfish for keeping all his scales to himself and he must share. During circle time, we passed round a shiny fin and each told one of our friends something we like about them. We then went on to draw a portrait of our friends.

We also read the story Jonah and The Whale. Jonah betrayed god so he sent a storm! Some children made their own boats in various places of the classroom and re told the story.

PSED, MR – 30-50M

C&L- 30-50M








































We have also been taking advantage of the beautiful weather! Some of our strawberries were ready to be picked, they were delicious!

They loved exploring the texture of shaving foam outdoors, experimenting using their fingers to create different marks on in the tray from wiggly lines to big circles. Some children wrote their names, using clearly identifiable letters.

PD – MH – 30-50M

Writing 40-60 M



What a busy week we have had this week. We were so lucky with the weather on Wednesday and had a great time participating in Sports Day with our friends. As well as this, we had a great time dressing up as what we would like to be when we are older. 























The Very Hungry Caterpillar



We have loved reading this story and learning lots of things about it. Some children were already familiar with the story and therefore helped us to re-tell it and join in with the familiar parts. The children were able to say what happens next and how the caterpillar is feeling at different points in the story. We have used story stones and we manipulated fabric squares by moving in different ways to tell the story and life cycle of the caterpillar. We started by scrunching the square into a small ball in our hand to represent the egg. The egg ‘popped’ open so we threw the fabric into the air and watched it fall. We then swayed up and down to represent the caterpillar wriggling and eating lots of food! Once the caterpillar got really fat we spun around and made a cocoon and once then we broke out of it and fluttered around as a beautiful butterfly.

Communication and Language – 30-50M

Literacy – reading and writing – 30-50M

Physical Development – Moving and Handling – 30-50M




























In maths we have been singing lots of number songs including 5 little speckled frogs, 5 little ducks and 12345 once i caught a fish alive. We have also been doing lots of categorising of different minibeasts and also using them to help us extend our number knowledge of recognising amounts that have been rearranged and to generalise that, if nothing has been added or taken away, then the amount is the same.

Maths – Number 30-50M – 40-60M


Look at some of the minibeast we have found whilst on our hunt! The children enjoyed talking about the different insects and learning what they are. The slug felt ‘slow, slimy and smooth’ whereas the woodlouse was ‘fast and tickly’!

Communication and Language – 30-50M

Understanding the World – the World 30-50M


It has been a very busy week but we are looking forward to learning more about this story next week too!


The last week before half term week involved lots of outdoor play. We made mud pies, performed our favourite songs on the stage, constructed new houses in the builder’s yard, built tents and had picnics under them and played other imaginative games.

We hope you all had a wonderful half term and we are excited to see you all back.



























Elmer the elephant. Our story for this week has been Elmer. Following on from this, we talked about why the rain washed the berry juice off Elmer to reveal his colours again. We then went on to predict and investigate what would happen to the skittles when it ‘rained’ on them. We watched and patiently waited to see lots of lovely patterns and colours emerging into the water.

Understanding the World – 30-50M

We also went on an Elmer march. This involved travelling around outside in lots of different ways like various animals. We hopped like a rabbit and prowled like a tiger! We then talked about hoe Elmer differed from the rest of the elephants. The chn thought that Elmer would move fast and the grey elephants would move slowly. We had to make out bodies wide and big so we could stomp like an elephant. When the chimes played we moved fast like Elmer and when they stopped we moved slowly with big strides like the grey ones.

EAD – 30-50M

PD – 30-50M

Maths fun with fish! When playing this fishing game the chn had lots of fun using their fine, gross motor and coordination skills to try and catch the fish in the pond. The chn were reading the numbers as they caught them and counting them.

Numbers 30-50M

PD – 30-50M



This week in Nursery we have been making the most out of the beautiful weather. We planted lots of new things in our tyre planters outside such as: radishes, beetroot, beans and strawberries. We cannot wait to taste them all when they grow! We know we have to take great care of them by making sure they have enough water and get enough sunlight.



We had so much fun on our trip to Blackpool Zoo! First, we watched the sea lion show. Gina the sea lion is very clever, she balanced a ball on her nose and pretended to be a shark! Then we got to walk around and see lots of different animals. We looked at how big or small the different animals were. Giraffes have very long necks! We also got to walk through dinosaur world and see just how big and scary dinosaurs really were.

When we got back we talked lots about our trip. We recorded what our favourite part of the day was. The tiger was the most popular choice.




































In preparation for our trip next week, we read the story Dear Zoo using props. The children enjoyed using the animals to retell the story using the props and small world resources.

We thought about what other animals the zoo keeper could send back and why? We sent back the tiger for having teeth that are too sharp. The crocodile for being too snappy and the reindeer for being too spikey!

We are getting so excited to see them in person!!

Literacy- 30-40M

EAD- 30-50M





























Castle Building

We decorated a castle together this week using paint, rollers, brushes and sponges. We used junk modelling boxes to create lights, flags and a doorbell. Using paints we explored colour mixing. We made hot pink and grey. We talked about who could be living in our castle maybe it could be a giant princess or a price.

EAD -30-50M

PSED – 30-50M

PD- 30-50M


Easter Cakes

To celebrate Easter the children made their very own crispy cakes.

We observed the chocolate as it melted and added just the right amount of cornflakes. We made Easter baskets to carry them in. Yummy!

PD – 30-50M

C+L – 30-50M



































Jack and the Beanstalk


FE FI FO FUM… I smell the blood of an Englishman!

There were lots of clues hidden for us to find around the classroom. We enjoyed being detectives trying to figure out who the note was from!

We made our own footprints and took them around the classroom to find things that were longer and shorter than our feet.

The children loved planting their very own green bean seed. We decided that in order to grow they will need: soil, water and sun. We hope one day they might grow as big as Jack’s beanstalk! We have placed one in the cupboard as an experiment to see if it will grow.

We will be closely observing our bean plants over the next few weeks to look for the changes that will happen.

Maths SSM– 30-50 Months

Understanding the World TW – 30-50 Months



























Goldilocks and the Three Bears


We have loved reading this story. Using the small world characters and the doll’s house we created our very own bear’s house and used the props to help us re-enact the story. Goldilocks ran so far away we still haven’t found her! We have been using lots of mathematical language (big, huge, medium, small, and tiny).

The bears wrote us a note asking if we could make them some of our special play dough porridge. We had to be sure to make the right amount! We even made some real porridge, making sure it wasn’t too hot or too cold for us to eat. It was very yummy. Some children thought they didn’t like porridge but after they tasted it they realised they did!

Outside we have been retelling the story too. We built a house and some chairs and added some extra characters such as: Goldilocks’ Mummy and Daddy and even a Doggy Bear.

In maths we have been practising our careful counting (1-1 Correspondence) and Subitising numbers up to 5 (recognising how many are there without counting). Some of us have been matching the amount to the numeral.

Physical Development – 30-50 Months

Maths – 30-50 Months

Communication and Language – 30-50 Months








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