Nursery 2018 - 2019

Mrs Grills


Nursery checklist:

  • Named wellies – to be kept in school
  • Pump bag with a full set of named spare clothes (including underwear and socks)
  • Toast money – 20p per day (payable daily or weekly in a named purse)
  • Warm waterproof coat – we will go outside in the wind, rain and cold weather!!
  • New guidance requires school to obtain copies of birth certificates for each child in Nursery.  Can we ask you to please take your child’s birth certificate to the school office where staff will make a copy of it to keep in your child’s file
  • Please ensure all forms are completed and returned to school



Well it has been a very busy week! We have spent a lot of time exploring outside: making pineapple chocolate soup, pie and plenty of tea. We have also been on the lookout for worms. Some of us have been making houses for the worms and taking care of them.



Understanding the World – 30-50 Months

In the water we have been fishing out numbers using tweezers! This has been helping us to recognise numbers and strengthen our fine motor skills.

Number 30-50 Months

We learnt how important it is to wash our hands to make sure that we don’t spread germs. Now we are experts!!



Health and Self Care – 30-50 Months























Welcome back!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

This term, we have welcomed some new children. We have enjoyed getting to know them and playing with them.

After reading The Gingerbread Man story, we made our own! They were very tasty. We used raisins for their eyes and buttons.















Some of us have been using different props to help us re tell the story.





Today we have shared the Christmas story, in our own special way.


























































































Christmas fun!!

In Nursery we have had a special visitor… the elf!! We go on a hunt every morning to see where he is hiding.

A mysterious tiny door appeared in our classroom and we wondered who it was for. We also found that our deconstructive role play area has been transformed into Santa’s workshop!

We figured out that the elf wants us to help him make some toys for boys and girls in time for Christmas. The children have been dressing up and role playing in this area: delivering the presents on the sleigh and putting them under the tree and putting some presents together using the wood pieces.

We also wrote a letter to Father Christmas because we wanted to ask him if he could come to our Christmas party. And he did!!! We were so excited. The party was lots of fun because we got to play lots of games with our friends and eat delicious food. We even got a present from the man himself!




























Footprints… in our classroom!!!

Who could it be?

After plenty of investigating, we thought it could be an elf. We decided to write a letter to the North Pole to see if he had visited us.

This morning we were surprised to find a letter addressed to us in the register box and found out that it was the elf that sneaked into our classroom!!

We also wrote to Father Christmas to invite him to our party next week – we are very excited to see him.

In phonics we have been experimenting with body percussion. What different sounds can you make with your body?












Wow!! Take a look at some of our stickmen!




























Also this week we have been using positional language to describe where we found the hidden characters from the story. We really enjoyed this game – play it with us at home using things around the house.



After reading the story ‘Stickman’, we went on a stick hunt and made our own stickmen and stick ladies. We will be using these next week to help us retell the story so stay tuned!!

We have also been learning all about shapes. We are so good at describing the different shapes and even saying some of their names too!!

Shape, space and measure (30-50 Months)

On Friday it was Children In Need and we all dressed up! Mrs Bennett helped us to make our own play dough to make Pudsey cookies and cupcakes! We had to mix it really hard and we got to watch it change from runny to thick.

Physical development (30-50 Months)

EAD (30-50 Months)

Communication and Language (30-50 Months)













































Welcome back Little Saints! We hope you had a lovely half term.

We have truly loved hearing about all your half term fun this week. The children have been developing their Communication and Language skills by explaining what they got up to and answering who, what, why and how questions.

We also celebrated Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights). The children made their own Diva lamps out of play dough, a range of Rangoli patterns out of rice and beans and we even had a special visitor!

Mrs Swamy came in to tell us all about this festival. We got to try on some traditional clothes and learnt so much more about why this festival takes place. Thankyou!

Maths – Shape, Space and measure 30-50 Months

Communication and Language 30-50 Months

People and Communities 30-50 Months




















Apple doughnuts - Baking part 2?!

The children absolutely loved making these doughnuts. Take a look at the pictures to see how we made them – they were so easy to make! (and so delicious to eat mmmmm).

Physical development – 30-50 months

Communication and Language 30-50 months























To celebrate this year’s Harvest Festival we talked about the importance of Harvest time and how hard the farmers work to bring in the crops that will feed us over the coming year (PSED). We said a prayer as a class and some children even came up with their own things to thank God for. We introduced some new language to the children e.g. Harvest, Tractor and Crops. We even discussed different fruits and vegetables that grow above and below the ground! (C+L)










Some children pretended to be farmers themselves - harvesting vegetables out of the soil. We discussed how the vegetables end up in the supermarket for us to buy.

We are also making a big tractor to decorate our church with for our local Harvest Celebration.




WOW! Take a look at some of our leaf men and animals using items collected in our autumn bags!!

The children had to think about what leaf man might fly over on his travels and then try and create it using leaves, conkers, twigs and all other things autumn. We had to think about the sizes of the leaves and conkers to make our creations as best we can!

To make use of some autumn apples we also made apple crumble – they were so tasty!!







































Autumn is on its way!! Thank you to everyone who has returned their autumn filled bags - we now have lots of leaves, twigs, conkers and acorns to investigate and use in our classroom.










This week we have read the story ‘Leaf Man’.  It is about a man made out of leaves who blows away with the wind. We have started to recreate some of the leaf animals from the story and will be doing some more next week (watch this space!).








We have also been investigating different ways to use paint. We have been using pipets, sponges, leaves and even our toes! Come into our classroom and have a look at our beautiful autumn inspired display.

In Phonics we have been focusing on our listening skills. We are getting really good at identifying sounds in our environment. Beep! Beep!


Hooray! It’s the start of a new year at Little Saints. We welcomed back a few children that have already been with us and we also welcomed some new children to our class and will continue to do so throughout this year. We hope that you will all be very happy at Little Saints.

Our main goal in the next couple of weeks is to get everyone settled. We will be experimenting with a variety of activities and finding out what your child’s interests are. Once we know what they like to do, we can use this to help us to plan for their needs and take their learning further.

Over the last few weeks we have been doing lots of singing! Including our new “Hello” welcome song which we do every morning (I am sure your child would to demonstrate how we sing it). We have also been singing 5 little ducks and 5 little speckled frogs - these kinds of songs help us to count. AND as the season changes into autumn we are going to be learning all about that too. We are going to be very busy!!

We look forward to building positive relationships with you all and we are especially looking forward to working with your children!













Well, it’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of our first year in Little Saints Nursery.  We have had a super year with all our children and we are very proud of all their achievements.  Many of our children will be leaving us to go into our Reception class in September.  They are all fully prepared for the next stage of their learning journey and, although we will miss them very much, we are confident they will continue to make progress and build on their many achievements so far.  We are thrilled that a number of children will be staying with us in Nursery next year and we look forward to continuing on their journey with them.  It will be lovely to see them grow in confidence as they become the older children within our class and support our new children. 



We look forward to welcoming our new children into Nursery from September.  They have been for a visit and all had a lovely time playing and exploring their new environment.  We will be meeting them again during our home visits in September before we welcome them into school from 5th September.



Well done Little Saints children, you have all been superstars! We wish you all a wonderful, happy and safe summer holiday and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return to school in September.





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