Nursery 2017 - 2018

Mrs Grills


Nursery checklist:

  • Named wellies – to be kept in school
  • Pump bag with a full set of named spare clothes (including underwear and socks)
  • Toast money – 20p per day (payable daily or weekly in a named purse)
  • Warm waterproof coat – we will go outside in the wind, rain and cold weather!!
  • New guidance requires school to obtain copies of birth certificates for each child in Nursery.  Can we ask you to please take your child’s birth certificate to the school office where staff will make a copy of it to keep in your child’s file
  • Please ensure all forms are completed and returned to school

We have enjoyed the sunshine this week and spent lots of time building, balancing, digging, emptying, filling, pouring.  We have been on another spring walk to look at the changes that have taken place since our last walk – the daffodils have grown beautiful yellow flowers, the blossom is out on the trees and the leaves are growing.  We enjoyed planting our sunflower seeds and talked about how we can look after them to help them grow.

Understanding the World: The World 30-50 months

Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the place where they live or the natural world.

Developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time.



We have been exploring the Numicon and learning to match the 

pieces with each other, count the holes in each piece and feeling for them in the ‘Feely box’.  We have been listening to the sounds at the beginning of words and hearing the differences between them.

Letters and Sounds Phase 1: Aspect 5 – Alliteration.



















































We have been reading the Easter story and thinking all the things 

we can thank God for. The children loved thanking God for their family. We then used our unique fingerprints to make a class picture of an empty cross showing that Jesus is alive!

We made Easter cakes and Easter baskets. The children were very excited to take these home to eat!  We joined the rest of school for our annual Egg Rolling competition – the children all decorated hard-boiled eggs and brought them into school ready for the competition – we had some amazing designs.

Finally we have had some Spring weather!! We have been on a spring walk and looked for signs of spring. We will continue with this theme after the Easter holidays as we watch the flowers, blossom and plants grow.

We also took part in a Sports Relief Obstacle course! The children all had so much fun doing this.

What a week!










































The children made fruit kebabs as part of our school’s Design and Technology week.  We looked at a selection of fruit together and asked the children to name each fruit and think about what it might taste like.  Using pictures of different fruit, the children designed their own kebab.  Following on from this, the children then selected the matching fruit and placed it on the kebab stick in the order according to their design.  The children developed skills such as copying patterns and counting.


































































































































Then came the best bit … eating it!! We talked about which was their favourite fruit and what it tasted and felt like.  We found that some of the fruit was slippery!!  Some children tried new fruit and discovered that they actually liked it!!  


This week we joined the rest of school to celebrate our Respect and Tolerance Day. The theme was ‘Journeys’ and we looked specifically at the story when Jesus called Peter, James and John. We joined Reception for our wonderful story and then went to make fish, adding our prayer on the back. We also had so much fun tracing around our feet and made a HUGE piece of work making tracks from our feet to Jesus in the centre. It was a fantastic day!































































We have also enjoyed celebrating how special our mummies are.  The children shared with each other what makes their mummy special and why they love them so much.  Each child then made their own unique card for their mummy at our Mother’s Day provocation table, they chose and planted beautiful flowers for them and made many other special treats for them.  The children were excited to give their mummy her special gifts along with a very special cuddle.


I love you mummy because …

'You snuggle me in bed.'

'You give me lots of cuddles.'

'You read stories to me.'

'You play play dough, colouring and sticking with me.'

'You play with me.'

'You take me to dancing and the cinema.'

The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character.  We joined the rest of the school for assembly and walked the catwalk to show off our costumes. We also went on a search for Wally and enjoyed sharing our books with some of the Year 3 children.  Little Red Riding Hood brought us some cakes, so we enjoyed sharing a picnic during the afternoon, we had to listen out for the wolf though in case he was lurking around the woods looking for food!!














































The children have all had a lovely half term holiday and enjoyed sharing their news in their home/school scrapbooks. 




We have read many favourite stories this week – The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood – where the children have enjoyed acting out the stories, building houses for the 3 little pigs (making sure the wolf couldn’t blow it down) and designing Gingerbread biscuits.




































The main objectives we have been looking at are:

Literacy: Reading (30-50 months)

  • Listens to and joins in with stories and poems
  • Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured


In Phonics we have continued to focus on rhyming words and learning the sound /i/.


It has actually snowed this week in Hesketh Bank!! The children had so much fun exploring the cold, how the snow feels, making marks – for most children it was their first experience of ‘real’ snow.  A perfect end to our Frozen topic.

The World 30-50 months




















We continued with the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, talking about how Baby Bear might have felt after Goldilocks’ visit.  We made more porridge for Baby Bear and asked his permission to eat it!  The children re-told the story through their play and used the story as a basis to extend their learning and role play.  We also read and acted out the story of David and Goliath to extend the children’s learning of shape, space and measure.

Literacy: Reading 30-50 months

Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured.

Listen to and join in with stories.









Mathematics: Shape, Space and Measure 30-50 months

Shows interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects.

Expressive Arts and Design Being Imaginative 3-50 months

Engages in imaginative role play based on their own first-hand experiences.

Build stories around toys.

Uses available resources to create props to support role play.

We joined Reception to celebrate Chinese New Year.  The children have begun to have an understanding about how the Chinese community celebrate new year and enjoyed sharing in a dragon dance with Reception.

Understanding the World: People and Communities 30-50 months

Shows interest in different occupations and ways of life.




































In Phonics we have been exploring rhyme, singing lots of nursery rhymes and playing games such as rhyming bingo.  The children have also been introduced to the letter sound /p/.


Well it’s been another busy week in Nursery.  The children have really enjoyed exploring the new loose parts – who knew what a few colourful glass beads could be … breakfast, pasta filling, treasure, stepping stones, money and so much more!!























The loose parts in our deconstructive role play areas (indoors and outdoors) have been a bit hit too – we’ve had trains, pirate ships, a stage and the three bears’ house.








































The three bears also came to visit Nursery this week.  We had been reading ‘Snow Bears’, so we wondered if they came to Little Saints to warm up!! They ate porridge, made in the mud kitchen outside and we built them a house.  I wonder if a little golden-haired girl might find their house?



























In Phonics we have been thinking about ‘Moving to the beat’ in our Phase 1 sessions.  The children had the wonderful opportunity to play a huge gathering drum where they were able to listen and copy patterns and rhythms and then make up their own rhythms.  We also enjoyed singing lots of rhymes whilst tapping out the beat on the drum.  It got very loud on some occasions!!!  The children have also been introduced to the letter sound /t/.



















Who says it never snows in Hesketh Bank??!! It certainly did for Little Saints this week!! Following on from the children’s interest in ice and snow, we managed to get a snow machine to produce a beautiful snow experience for the children.  After lots of excited squeals, came laughter, joy and lots of language and mark making.  Even Mr Currie joined in!!


















Understanding the World: The World (30-50 months)

  • Can talk about some of the things they have observed.
  • Comments and asks questions about their world.

The children also enjoyed using their amazing imaginations and turned boxes into rockets, boats, tracks, tunnels and many more wonderful inventions.  They shared well with their friends, taking turns in conversation and with the resources, they played well together in groups, extending and elaborating their play ideas.


PSED: Making relationships and Managing feelings and behaviour (30-50 months)

Communication and Language: Listening and Attention, Speaking and Understanding (30-50 months)

Expressive arts and design: Exploring and using media and materials and Being Imaginative (30-50 months)












The children have also enjoyed exploring and extending their play using our new loose parts.


Spring Term 2018


The children all came back to school after the Christmas holiday full of smiles and excitement to share their holiday news.  We also were able to welcome all our new children to Nursery as we are now offering five full days (30 hours).  All the children have settled in well and are enjoying getting to know each other.

Following on from the interest about ice and frost we have spent lots of time exploring, investigating and making predictions about ice, freezing and melting.  The children found different containers and trays to pour water into and place in the freezer.  After making some predictions about what might happen to the ice when placed in the water tray, in a warmer environment than the freezer, the children investigated the ice and were able to talk about what was happening using language such as 'freeze' and ‘melt'.  The children used language such as cold, ice, hard, freeze, melt.  We also explored and found out about the different animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic.





























Understanding the World: The World (30-50 months)

Can talk about some of the things they have observed. 

Talk about why things are happening. Develop an understanding of change.

The children have spent lots of time outside playing with the Podley and made some super models to support their role play.  They have made igloos, trains and pirate ships.  After placing the planks in the cubes we talked about what we could make the construction in to.  The children decided the planks were for a pirate ship and the pirates had to walk the plank.  The had to be very careful to balance and not to fall off into the icy water where crocodiles were snapping at their feet!!  We had lots of excited screaming!!

























 Expressive Arts and Design: Being Imaginative (30-50 months)

Engages in role play

Build stories around toys

Uses available resources to create props to support role play.

PSE : Making Relationships (30-50 months)

Can play in a group

PD: Moving and Handling (30-50 months)

Mounts stairs and climbing equipment

Moves freely and with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways.












We have started Phase 2 in our Phonics sessions and this week we have been learning the sound sssssss.  We have had lots of fun exploring this sound in different ways and the children can confidently identify the sound it makes.  They have even had a go at writing the sound on post-it notes, placing them around the classroom to remind them our focus letter sound.



We have another exciting term ahead.  We have now opened Nursery for full days and are thrilled to welcome our new children into Nursery and look forward to getting to know our new families.  We are also so pleased that many of our current children have increased their hours too.


























This term we will continue to follow the ‘In the moment planning’ approach which allows us to completely follow the children’s interests.  With the cold weather before Christmas, we looked at the frost outside and talked about why it was frosty and cold. To continue this interest and explore this further, this term we are going to investigate freezing and melting, how we can turn water or other liquids to ice, what happens when we warm the ice up and investigate where the most effective place is to freeze and melt liquids and solids.


We will continue to provide a variety of opportunities for the children to explore and further develop their Literacy and Maths skills through play, following their own interests.  The children will be encouraged to use numbers names accurately in their play, recite numbers to 10, identify how many objects are in a set and begin to represent numbers in a variety of ways, sometimes matching numeral to quantity. 


Through stories and Phonics the children will be exploring rhythm and rhyme, looking at story structures, describing the main character or story setting and we will be encouraging the children to listen with increasing attention to stories and joining in wit

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